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5 Films: That Showcases The Life of a Rockstar

Pink Floyd -- The Wall (1982)

Based on Pink Floyd's album The Wall, this Alan Parker film takes a peek into the twisted life of a rockstar. The film tells the story of troubled singer Pink, who has had a vexed existence. Smothered by his mother's love in the childhood, harassed by teachers at school for writing poems, cheated by the girl he was in love with; Pink begins to cut himself off and builds a wall. The vivid metaphor is quite graphical and a hair-raising interpretation of Roger Walters' lyrics from epic songs like Comfortably Numb and Another Brick In The Wall. The film is exactly what the insides of a rockstar's mind looks like.

The Doors (1991)

A sudden rise to fame, a million hardcore fans, a horrid personal life, the inevitable downfall and an early death - the live fast, die-hard attitude that rockstars are made of. The Doors is Oliver Stone's homage to the popular American rock band by the same name and also a biopic of its lead singer and America's favourite poet - Jim Morrison. Val Kilmer plays Jim in the film and has done most of his own singing. And be it die hard fans or Morrison's former band-mates, it was impossible to believe that it isn't actually the electric poet on screen. An outright tragedy based on true events, this film is a great documentation of a rockstar's life.

A Hard Day's Night (1964)

Based on the life of perhaps the biggest rock band in the history, A Hard Day's Night is a light-hearted depiction of one day in the life of The Beatles. With actual band members playing themselves, this Richard Lester film takes a look at a day when the band are in their home town to perform for a TV broadcast. From evading crazy fans and howling girls to taking care of Paul's odd grandfather to Ringo going missing, the film narrates quite an eventful day. Or something rockstars like to call Just Another Day In My Life.

Amadeus (1984)

Legendary filmmaker Milos Forman brings a story of revenge, defeat and disappointment. A story of a rockstar from a different era - the 18th century. Amadeus narrates the life of the whimsical genius Mozart, told by his secret rival Antonio Salieri. He saw Mozart differently - a vulgar, undeserving lesser mortal incapable of serving the Lord through his music. The film focuses on Salieri feeling cheated by god himself for not bestowing the gift of music upon him instead of giving it in abundance to an arrogant rapscallion. Salieri is confined to an asylum where he outlives Mozart but eventually dies in the shadow of his greatness.

Marley (2012)

Get up, stand up; stand up for your rights, he said it, and the people believed him. Bob Marley was more than just a singer or a performer or a rockstar. He was the proverbial Prophet who gave strength to the oppressed and gave them belief to seek redemption. Marley, by Kevin McDonald, is a documentary that journeys through the life of this musical prophet focusing on his personal life, his music, his legacy and the impact he had on the minds of millions of people all over the world. Combining archival footage of the legend with interviews from the people close to him.

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