Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thank God it's over

There are two types of people in this world; those who hate twilight and those who love it more than anything in the world. Of course, there are few who have not even heard of it, but we are not talking about those lucky ones right now. After four books and four movies, the Twilight Saga, based on Stephanie Meyer's namesake novels, had come down to this. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is where all the hype, all the build up and all the fanaticism would find a resolution. 

The film takes off from where it left in the first part where Bella Swann is turned into a vampire and Jacob Black, the werewolf, imprints on Edward and Bella's daughter Renesme. The plot, as everyone who has read the book will know, is a letdown. No matter how loose or superficial, fans hate it when the details in the book are twisted in the film. The Volturi become aware of Renesme and fear that she is an immortal child that cannot be controlled and want to destroy her. The Cullens gather their friends from around the world as witnesses to prove that she is not an immortal child and is harmless. The two groups face-off in a vision and finally decide to live in peace. The two love birds are finally at peace, and the loose end of the triangle is tied to their daughter. 

The franchise has finished its stories and although Vampires apparently are immortal, there is nothing much left in the story to tell. Fancy mythical creatures and their powers left aside, Twilight is nothing but a story of an abusive relationship and covers the themes of bestiality (loving a wolf), necrophilia (loving the dead) and indirect incest (loving the daughter of the person you had feelings for). That aside, this abusive teenage relationship was like any other romantic comedy, except for the comedy. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are both pretty as gemstones and emote like gemstones as well. 

A poor screenplay adds to the misery of a story that everyone knows and save for a few sighs and awws during the romantic scenes, the narrative is dead. The graphics, especially during the poorly choreographed fight sequences are fairly rudimentary and incite no thrill whatsoever. Towards the end, the director and screenplay writer try a twist to sweep the fans off their feet but after that momentary surprise which causes a few shrills and screams in the hall, the film closes with a recap of the mushy moments from the past films. 

For the neutral movie watchers, the movie will come across as a story that lacks purpose. For the aesthetically gifted, the film will be one of those reasons your face meets your palm. And while teenagers and die-hard fans will scream every time the undernourished vampire and his girlfriend appear on screen, for the rest of us, whose idea of a vampire is what was decreed by Bram Stoker, Breaking Dawn 2 is a two-hour long yawn. Watch it once and be done with the franchise. Forever.

Rating - 1.5 out of 5

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